We have been making excellent motorcycles for 24 years and produced +2.5 million units

Keeway Motor Company was founded in Hungary back in 1999, with a mission to provide affordable and reliable motorcycles to riders around the world.

The name Keeway is more than just a combination of two words, it's a representation of the freedom, adventure, and potential that young motorcycle riders seek. The Key in Keeway represents the possibility that every rider holds, the ability to unlock their full potential and discover new horizons. The Way is the road ahead, the journey that riders take as they explore and push themselves to new limits.

Our First Company Logo. (1999)

The Chain Bridge in Budapest, Hungary, served as a source of inspiration for the Keeway first-Logo. The suspension system of the Chain Bridge consists of large chains that support the weight of the bridge and allow for a smooth and secure journey across the Danube River. Just like how the Chain Bridge's chains provide stability and support for the bridge, Keeway's motorcycles and scooters provide riders with the stability and support they need on their journeys.

The name Keeway pays homage to the innovative design and engineering of the Chain Bridge while also representing the company's commitment to unlocking the rider's potential and providing a smooth journey on the road.

Keeway Motor Company did become a shareholder of Benelli in 2005 which allowed us to share design and production resources with the Italian motorcycle brand. This partnership has been beneficial to both brands, with Keeway being able to incorporate Italian design elements into our bikes while maintaining affordability and reliability. The partnership has allowed both companies to create innovative bikes that meet the needs of riders all over the world.

The soul and history of the Pesaro motorcycle house, continues its legacy by designing new icons of the motorcycle industry. Our Centro Stile Benelli is carried by each model designed by our talented and expert team.

This Design Center exclusively designs models for the Benelli brand and our main dealers from all over the world can visit it, meet the designers and learn details of the incredible design process.

2009-2013 Keeway brand became known for its balance of price, design, and quality, earning a reputation that gradually gained prominence through word of mouth. Some of our emblematic models in Europe within the customs segment, such as the Superlight continue to generate strong global sales to this day.

Some of our emblematic models in Europe within the customs segment, such as the Superlight continue to generate strong global sales to this day.

The Keeway RKF has remained one of the most iconic roadsters in the 125 and 150 displacement market. This model is renowned for its sleek design and exceptional performance, making it a popular choice among riders worldwide. With its smooth handling and responsive acceleration, the Keeway RKF has gained a solid foothold in global markets, establishing itself as a top contender in its class. Despite the competitive nature of the market, the Keeway RKF continues to impress and win over riders with its outstanding value, reliability, and riding experience.

2017-2022 Keeway Continued to expand global reach, with dealerships and distributors in over 90 countries. Introduced new models with advanced technologies. By establishing strong relationships with their dealers and distributors, Keeway has been able to expand its presence globally, gaining market share in a highly competitive industry. Keeway's strategy of offering a comprehensive lineup of reliable and affordable motorcycles, combined with an extensive network of dealerships and distributors, has proven successful in building a loyal base of customers who appreciate the quality and versatility of Keeway's products.

The Keeway Group's motorcycle brands (Keeway, MBP and Benelli) are currently marketed in 98 countries worldwide, and with the bicycle business included, the group boasts a presence in over 100 countries. Our immediate goal is to consolidate our position in the market share and then continue expanding into untapped markets. To achieve this, we plan to launch a comprehensive global advertising campaign aimed at improving the visibility of our brands starting in 2024. With this approach, we hope to achieve a better positioning in the market and gain wider recognition for our brands globally.

For the Keeway and MBP brands, we develop new design centers in Italy and Spain. These design centers collaborate with our development team and engineers from Europe and China.

Together with our new research and development center based in Shanghai, the most important development in our company's history is being carried out. More than 50 new vehicles including motorcycles, bicycles and electric vehicles.

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